Quick Books Overview


This course is an introduction to QuickBooks. Its main objective is to introduce you to the basic features in QuickBooks and give you an opportunity for hands-on practice. You’ll learn about the types of information you need to track in your business, and you’ll see how to enter that information and track it in QuickBooks. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have a good idea of all that QuickBooks offers, you’ll be familiar with the most common tasks, and you’ll know where to find information about more advanced features.


What are the course objectives?

To gain an overview of the course and the topics to be covered
To know how Quick Books works and how you can get around in Quick Books
To learn common business terms used by Quick Books
To practice using the Quick Books Help tools
To see how to exit Quick Books

Who should enroll for this training?

High school diploma, GED or post secondary degree

Who will benefit from this course ?
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Monthly Expenses
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Simplified Tax Compliance
  • Security

Quick Books Course Syllabus:

Getting Quick Books setup

  • Navigating and Organizing
  • Preparing to create a Company File
  • Setting up a Company File
  • Backup & Restore
  • Managing your Company File
  • Working with Lists
  • Using Forms & Templates
  • Working with Bank Accounts
  • Working with Other Accounts
  • Setting up Item List (Inventory)
  • Setting up and tracking of GST

Everyday Tasks:

  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Entering and Paying Bills
  • Working with Sales Invoices
  • Receiving Payments from Customers
  • Managing GST
  • General Journal Entry
  • Financial Reporting

Day-2 Course syllabus:
Advanced Functions:

  • Company File Setup (Advanced)
  • Managing your Company File (Advance)
  • Estimates & Progress Invoicing
  • Job Costing
  • Working with Inventory (Advanced)
  • Sales Invoicing & Customer Payment (Advanced)
  • Budget & Forecast
  • Multi-currency features
  • Reporting with Foreign currency

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Students Reviews

I have gained extensive knowledge in accounting & finance through this Institute. The faculty and placement team is totally dedicated and provided extensive training. I am so proud to be a product of this Institute


I am doing this course to enhance my accounting skills and to have a better career in this domain. it is providing me with the course which will help me to have all the necessary knowledge with the well-qualified faculties.


I found this course very interesting, it is giving me practical exposure to the accounting concepts. This course would surely give me edge in accounting domain and would be very beneficial for future perspective.