Oracle Finance Overview

Our approach to training is very unique. We have segmented the training program uniquely for each trainee. For the students, freshers, unemployed, non-financial professionals, we first make them understand the business process and concepts. We then teach the implementation and mapping the same in Oracle Financial system. The entire teaching and learning process is real-time and highly interactive. On the other hand, for the working professionals who already have the knowledge and experience of the business process, we directly take them towards mapping and implementation in Oracle Financial system. We discuss all the implemented features which cover real-time scenarios for their better understanding. It will be more interactive based on the participant’s requirement.

What are the course objectives?
  • Oracle Financials Application is part of “The Global Business Release”.
  • Oracle financials I used globally by medium and large-scale companies. IN the last few years, there has been huge demand for oracle financial trained professionals as there is increase in implementation of oracle finance application.
  • Professionals working in accounts and finance can become oracle finance consultants/executives/experts.
  • Excellent job opportunities with high package for finance professionals.
  • Start earning 50% more and Boost your career.
Who should enroll for this training?
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing 
  • Human Resources
  • CRM
  • Projects
Who will benefit from this course ?
  • Security and Governance
  • Workflow and Business Process
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Common Self-service Access
  • Single Data Entry Point

Oracle Finance Course Syllabus:

Course Outline

  •  General Ledger

    • Introduction
    • Flexfields
      • Accounting Flexfield
      • GL Ledger Flexfield
    • COA
    • Calendars
    • Currency
    • Accounting Setup Manager
    • Ledger
    • Legal Entities
    • Accounting Options
    • Ledger Sets
    • Data Access Set
    • Definition Access Set
    • Types of Journals
      • Suspense Journals
      • Recurring Journals
      • Tax Journals
    • Mass Allocation
    • Inter Company & Intra Company
    • Multi Reporting Currencies
    • Secondary Ledgers
    • Revaluation
    • Translation
    • Consolidation
    • Financial Statement Generator(FSG)
    • Purchasing
    • Multi Org Setups
    • Define Locations
    • Define Business Group
    • Define Operating Units
    • Define Security Profiles
    • Define HR Organization
    • Define Inventory Organization
    • Define Profile Options
    • Define Purchasing Options
    • Create Employees
    • Define Buyers
    • Define Approval Groups
    • Define Items
    • Create Requisitions
    • Define Suppliers
    • Create Purchase Orders
    • Approve Purchase Orders
    • Creating Receipts
    • Self Billing Invoices
    • Create Document Styles
    • Create Complex Work Orders
  • Accounts Payable

    • Define Financial Options
    • Define Payable Options
    • Define Grants & Roles (User Management)
    • Define Banks, Branches, Accounts, Payable Documents
    • Types of Workbench
    • Invoice Workbench
      • Standard Invoice
      • Credit Memo
      • Debit Memo
      • Mixed Invoice
      • Prepayments
      • Retainage Release
      • Withholding Tax Invoices
      • Interest Invoices
    • Payment Workbench
      • Manual Payments
      • Quick Payments
      • Netting Payments
      • Refund Payments
    • Define Netting Accounts
    • Define Payable Controls
    • Define Receivable Controls
    • Define Reconciliation Controls
    • Period Close Process
    • Payment Manager
  • Receivables

    • Define System Options
    • Define Profile Class
    • Define Customer
    • Define Auto Accounting
    • Define Transaction Types
    • Define Document Sequencing
    • Define Transaction Workbench
      • Invoice
      • Debit Memo
      • Credit Memo
      • Deposit
      • Guarantee
      • Chargeback
      • Bills Receivable
    • Transaction With Rules
    • Invoicing Rules
    • Accounting Rules
    • Enterprise Business Tax
    • Balance Forward Billing Invoice
    • Late Charge Profile
    • Receivable Activities
    • Define Receipt Class
    • Define Receipt Source
    • Manual Receipts
    • Receipts with Auto Cash Rule set
    • Automatic Receipts
    • AP/AR Netting
  • Fixed Assets

    • Flexfields
      • Category Flexfield
      • Asset Key
      • Location Flexfield
    • Define System Controls
    • Define Fiscal Years
    • Define Calendars
      • Depreciation Calendar
      • Prorate Calendar
    • Define Prorate Conventions
    • Define Depreciation Methods
    • Define Asset Categories
    • Define Asset Books
    • Asset Addition
    • Mass Additions of Asset From Payables
    • Run Depreciation
    • Mass Retirements
    • Mass Revaluation
    • Mass Transfers
    • Mass Reclassification
    • Create Accounting
  • Cash Management

    • Define System Parameters
    • Define Reconciliation Controls at Internal Banks
    • Manual Reconciliation
    • Automatic Reconciliation

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Students Reviews

I have gained extensive knowledge in accounting & finance through this Institute. The faculty and placement team is totally dedicated and provided extensive training. I am so proud to be a product of this Institute


I found this course very interesting, it is giving me practical exposure to the accounting concepts. This course would surely give me edge in accounting domain and would be very beneficial for future perspective.


I am doing this course to enhance my accounting skills and to have a better career in this domain. it is providing me with the course which will help me to have all the necessary knowledge with the well-qualified faculties